Furniture fair in Milano, Salone Internazionale del Mobile part 1

I disse dager er det passende med et innslag om Milano, n nr messen er i full gang!

Milano... I adore and love this city.

Funny thing is that the first time I went there I didnt like it at all. I found it to be grey, cold and not interesting on any level.

Then I went there in the summer time to visit a friend, and I got to meet a group of very interesting people. They all studied, lived, worked or visited the city often, and I was so lucky

to have them show me around. Milano is filled with beautiful old arcitcture, as well as new really trendy edging design. The shopping, the food, the parties, the people, the total atmosphere

made this one of my favoritt citys!

Every year Milano host in my opinion one of the best furniture fairs the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Her you can go and see all the classic Italia stands, and the new up and coming.

It is not just a fair for the well-adapted brands and known designers, but students and unknown designer display their hard work.

It is a Mecca of inspiration, and the entire city is buzzing with life !

Her is some of my ultimate favorites, places to see and what not to miss.

Enjoy =)

The walk inbetween the shows are even inspiring

Modern classic italian trend

With a hint of retro vibe

Abstract and unsymmetrical can be so beautiful

A place for everything

Italian glass design are known for their quality and finesse

This sofa is so comfy and sexy

Warm and elegant

Customize you selfs with your own design or private pictures

This is easy to make yourself, by beads and go nuts

Ligh light light

This is very popular now, two hanging lamps next to the bed insteed of two table lamps


Think new

Love theese lines

For every princess

Asian style

Warm with orange and red

Green, white and wood creates harmony


White style

I love the gold in theese lamps

Dont know what to hang on your walls, get inspired

Heavy classic italian

Marie Antoinette

Se part two for tisps where to go in the city

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